How to Manage Your Tasks With iCal

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Manage Your Tasks With iCal

How to Manage Your Tasks With iCal. As far as productivity applications are concerned, you can go the super-complicated "Getting Things Done" or GTD route (and there are plenty of GTD-focused applications out there) or you can get super-simple with a pad of paper and a pen. If you want something a little more sophisticated than paper, but don't want a new system to dictate how you work, iCal has a simple To Do List feature that allows you to add items, prioritize them and even add due dates to the calendar. Here are ways to work with this feature.


Step 1

Open up iCal on your Apple Macintosh Computer running Mac OS X Leopard by clicking the iCal icon on the dock.

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Step 2

Click the push pin on the bottom right corner of iCal's window. This will open up the To Do List tab on the right of the iCal window.


Step 3

Double-click an empty spot on the To Do pane and a new item with the title "New To Do" will appear in iCal.

Step 4

Type in a title for your new task to replace the default "New To Do" text.


Step 5

Right or Control-Click the task. Select "Calendar" and click on the calendar that's appropriate for this task. If it's a home-related task, click the Home calendar; if it's related to work, click the Work calendar (or you can use whatever calendars you have set up in iCal).


Step 6

Right or Control-Click the task and select "Priority" to set the priority of this item. You can also click the three lines to the right of the task to set the priority. The three lines will darken depending on the priority level you set.

Step 7

Right or Control-Click the new task and select "Get Info" to open up iCal's detail window for that task. You can also double-click the task to open this window.



Step 8

Click the check box to the right of "due date" and select the due date of this item. This step is optional. Here you can also set an alarm to remind you of the task, add a URL or notes.

Step 9

Click on the "To Do List By Priority" to set how you wish to sort the list. You can sort by Priority, Title, Due Date, Calendar or you can sort them Manually.


Step 10

Repeat the above steps to build up your To Do List in iCal.

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