How to Use Reminders in Outlook Without Creating Appointments

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How to Use Reminders in Outlook Without Creating Appointments. If you need to pick up your daughter after work or take a medication at a specific time, you could benefit from a reminder in Outlook 97 or 2000, but you might not want to publish the information for others on your network to see.


Step 1

Create a task or an appointment.

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Step 2

Record the time and date for the reminder. Make it a recurring activity if appropriate.

Step 3

Click the Categories button at the bottom of the box. In Outlook 97, select Categories from the Edit menu.


Step 4

Click on Personal to place a check in the box, then click OK.

Step 5

Click the Save and Close button to save the task or appointment.


Step 6

To view Personal items only, open the View menu and select Current View, then By Category.


Step 7

In Outlook 97, select Filter from the View menu. Click the More Choices tab.

Step 8

Click Categories, then click Personal to place a check in the box.

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