How to Increase Satellite Internet Speed

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Satellite Internet is still a faster alternative to dial-up.

Satellite Internet is a faster alternative to dial-up if you live in a rural area. Though you may experience slower Internet connections compared to DSL or cable Internet. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to increase your satellite Internet speed. However, by verifying the location of your satellite and the equipment you're using, you can optimize your Internet signal for the satellite package you're paying for.


Step 1

Remove any obstructions that may have grown or developed in front of the satellite dish. Position the satellite so that it has a clear line of sight to the sky.

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Step 2

Reposition the satellite dish to optimize the signal for your Internet connection. Contact your satellite Internet provider to verify the direction the satellite should be facing or have a technician come to the house to see if it needs to be repositioned. Heavy winds or other weather conditions can cause the satellite dish to move a few degrees from the proper direction.


Step 3

Limit the number of windows and applications you're running while surfing the Internet. Downloading large data files such as videos may slow your Internet connection.


Step 4

Access the network administration portal for your modem or router to see if any firmware updates are required. Enter into your Internet browser's address bar, the standard address for routers. Click the option to check for updates as outdated firmware can cause your Internet signal to slow.


Step 5

Experiment with moving your wireless router to a different location in the house, as routers can drop signals if too many obstructions or electronics causing interference are nearby.



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