How to Increase the Clock Size on an iPhone

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The iPhone was revealed by Apple in January 2007 and released in June 2007. Apple sold 270,000 iPhones in the first 30 hours. The iPhone can run many different applications. You can purchase applications from the iStore or from third party software developers. The clock on the iPhone is small, and you can increase the size using an application developed by several third party software companies.


Step 1

Download the xClock application from to your iPhone. xClock gives you a large full screen analog clock. This application costs $.99.

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Step 2

Download the Bigger Clock application to your iPhone. This clock is a full screen in landscape or portrait modes. This application is free.

Step 3

Download the Big Clock HD application from to your iPhone. This will provide you with a large analog clock for your iPhone. The Big Clock HD application costs $.99.


Step 4

Download the Big Flip Clock application from to your iPhone. This application provides a full screen clock, and to access the menu, all you have to do is double-tap the screen. The Big Flip clock application is free.