How to Use Java on An iPhone

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How to Use Java on An iPhone
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Java is a programming language released by Sun Microsystems. Many websites utilize Java's programming language and you cannot view the website or parts of the website without first installing Java on your computer. The iPhone and the iPhone's Safari browser do not support Java. It is, however, possible to download an App from Apple's App Store called Cloud Browse that allows you to view Java websites and use Java applications on those websites. Cloud Browse is a free easy to use application that will allow you to use Java on your iPhone.


Step 1

Press the round button at the bottom of your iPhone and slide your finger across the screen as instructed to unlock your iPhone.

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Step 2

Press the icon for the "App Store" and then select the "Search" option. Tap the search bar located at the top of your iPhone and delete any text. Type "Cloud Browse" in the search bar and then select the free Cloud Browse application from the list of applications.


Step 3

Press the blue "Free" icon and then tap the green "Install" icon to download and install Cloud Browse on your iPhone.

Step 4

Agree to Cloud Browse's Terms of Service by clicking "Ok." Wait for your iPhone to finish downloading and installing Cloud Browse. When the process is finished, you will see a new Cloud Browse icon on your iPhone's screen.


Step 5

Click the new "Cloud Browse" icon. Tap the search bar at the top of the Cloud Browse screen. Enter the Java website you would like to view. Wait for the website to load. With Cloud Browse, you are able to view and use any Java application embedded in the website you want to view.