How to Insert a Comment in a Microsoft Word Document

Use the comment tool in Word to suggest amendments or give feedback.

From business reports to student papers, many documents need revisions and edits before they're good to go. Inserting a comment in a Microsoft Word document adds your review text to a box in the page margins so the author can view your feedback, suggestions or questions when he opens the document to work on it again. The comment tool also handles comments from several reviewers; it assigns a different name and subtle color scheme to each reviewer's comment box to keep the notes clear and easy to read. Add your comments to a Word document with the comment insertion tool that you'll find under the Review tab on the program's main menu ribbon.

Step 1

Open the document.

Open the Microsoft Word document that you want to review.

Step 2

Highlight text.

Read through the document. When you find text that needs your input, highlight and select the relevant text, or click the page at the end of the relevant sentence.

Step 3

Go to the Review tools.

Click the "Review" tab in the main menu ribbon at the top of the document and then select the "New Comment" button. Word adds a comment box to the document margins near the section of text that you highlighted or clicked.

Step 4

Type your comment.

Click anywhere inside the box and type your comment. The comment appears below your name or initials inside the box. If you're signed into your Microsoft account, Word displays your full account name and profile picture with the comment. If not, the comment typically uses the author name you chose when you first set up and personalized the Microsoft Office software, or the default computer name.

Step 5

Add more comments.

Repeat this process as often as you need throughout the rest of the document. There's no limit to the number of comments you can make. You can also go back and edit earlier comments if you need to revise your initial notes as you read through the document. Select and edit the text you want to change inside the comment box.

Step 6

Delete a comment.

Delete a comment that you no longer want to include in the document. Right-click anywhere inside the comment box and choose the "Delete comment" option from the jump menu.

Step 7

Save the document.

Save the document to store your comments. The original author and other reviewers will see your comments when they next open the document to make or review changes. They can also reply to your comments and add their own comments to the document.


Change the author name or initials that you want to use for review comments from the Options screen in Word. Select "File," "Options," "General" and then enter your preferred name and initials in the fields under "Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office." Click to enable the "Always use these values regardless of sign-in to Office" check box if you want to use the author name in place of your Microsoft account name. Click the "OK" button to save your preferences and exit the dialog window.

Use the comment tool alongside Word's Track Changes proofing and mark-up feature to explain why you've made specific amendments to the document. Highlight the text with the tracked changes and then insert a new comment.


The information in this article applies to Microsoft Word 2013. Procedures may vary with other versions of the program.

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