How to Insert and Merge Multiple Clips in Windows Movie Maker

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Insert and Merge Multiple Clips in Windows Movie Maker

With the advent of feature rich desktop operating systems such as Windows XP, users have more tools at their fingertips than ever before. Of the many included tools Windows has always offered, Movie Maker, was originally introduced in the first version of XP. This intuitive movie file editor allows users to edit custom video files and make them their own.


Step 1

Open the primary movie file in Windows Movie Maker. To import the movie file into Windows Movie Maker, left-click on the application icon to open the program, then scroll to the “File” tab and click on “Import into Collections.”

Step 2

Edit the movie file as desired and save. Make all of the desired edits to the movie file and then save the file in Windows Movie Maker format to the desired location. Do this with all of the movie files that you wish to merge in Windows Movie Maker, prior to merging them.


Step 3

Group all video files that you wish to merge into one folder for easy access. Create a folder on your desktop and add all of the video files that you wish to merge into this folder, this way you can access them easier.

Step 4

Import each file, one at a time, and set it on the Timeline as desired. Follow step one to import each separate movie file into Windows Movie Maker. Left-click on the imported file and drag it to the position in the movie timeline that you would wish it to appear in. You can change the order of clips in the timeline by simply dragging and dropping them to different positions within the timeline.


Step 5

Save the files to merge them together. Scroll to the “File” tab on the command bar and click on “Save As”. Select the desired format and save location to create the movie file and successfully merge the desired clips.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows XP

  • Windows Movie Maker

  • Computer

  • Movie files to merge


Edit each clip separately in Windows Movie Maker before you merge them together.


Make sure to save often, sometimes Windows Movie Maker can hang.