How to Insert Blank Lines in MS Word

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Opening a Word document and typing is a simple process – the cursor is blinking away and awaiting your text as soon as the page comes to the screen. After typing all that text though, the page may look heavy or bulky. To break up the document for the reader, insert blank lines. Blank lines simply provide white space in a document, creating more manageable chunks of text rather than an unending blurb. Blank lines don't add to your document size when saving, though they may alter the page-to-page flow.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Word. To insert blank lines into an existing document, click the "File" tab, select "Open," click "Browse" and navigate to the document. Double-click it and scroll to the first place to add a blank line. Otherwise, type some text on the new Word document.


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Step 2

Click the cursor to the right of the character or punctuation after which the blank line will be placed.

Step 3

Press the "Enter" key. This drops the cursor to a new line, but doesn't create a space. Press the "Enter" key once more and a blank line is inserted onto the page.



Step 4

Repeat the process by scrolling to the next section to add a blank line and positioning the cursor. Press "Enter" twice each time.




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