How to Install a Vizio Sound Bar

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How to Install a Vizio Sound Bar
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Vizio's catalog of sound bar systems is designed to provide superior sound reinforcement for home theaters. Featuring anywhere from two to five audio channels, the sound bar is optimized for immersive sonic experiences that can transform movies and shows into immersive media experiences. Using the included Bluetooth connectivity, individuals can program and control a variety of tasks wirelessly, helping to streamline the installation process and keep homes looking clean and organized. If you are ready to install your own Vizio sound bar, you can do so using a few simple steps.



Vizio sound bars are relatively easy to install. You can connect these devices to your television using either an SPDIF cable or a standard RCA cable connection.

Vizio Sound Bar Basics

Currently, Vizio offers three sound bar packages that vary in terms of size and functionality. The most affordable system, labeled the Enhanced Sound package, provides a two-channel stereo sound bar and an option to add a wireless subwoofer. The Surround Sound and Premium Home Theater packages are also available, each of which includes rear surround speakers and a wireless subwoofer. The primary difference between these two packages is the specific number of audio channels included in the sound bar itself.


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The Premium Home Theater package, which is considered Vizio's premium offering, includes a variety of powerful extras, ranging from Wi-Fi connectivity to innovative upward-firing speakers.

Vizio Sound Bar Setup

No matter which package you purchase from Vizio, many of the installation steps are similar. For starters, you need to unwrap all the hardware included in your shipment. Use the Vizio sound bar manual to verify that you have all the screws, cables and mounts that should be used during the installation process. If any of these are missing, the installation process is significantly more difficult.


Position the equipment where you want it to be relative to your television and furniture. It is important to determine placement before making any cable connections to prevent inadvertent damage to your hardware caused by moving it around with delicate cords attached.

Connect the included SPDIF cable to the Optical port on the back of your TV and the sound bar. After this is complete, your system is ready for testing. The only remaining step is to plug the sound bar into the nearest available power jack.


Testing the Sound Bar

Power on the sound bar using the included remote and select the appropriate input source. Based on this example, select the Optical input. Next, access the Menu settings on your sound bar remote and select the Audio option. Here, you disable the onboard TV speakers, making your sound bar the primary audio source.


At this point, you can raise the volume on your system and hear audio played through the sound bar.

Other Factors to Consider

You can also connect your Vizio sound bar to your television without using an optical connection. A standard RCA cable can be used if this is your preferred connection method. Instead of selecting the Optical input, choose Aux as the preferred audio input method.