How to Install an Arabic Keyboard

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Even if you are using an American keyboard, you can change the settings on your computer to type in Arabic. To switch between English and Arabic, hold down "Shift" and "Alt." "En" will appear in the bottom right corner to show the keyboard will type in English, or "Ar" will appear to show the keyboard will type in Arabic.


Step 1

Click on "Start" in the bottom left corner and select "Settings." Choose "Control Panel," then "Regional and Language Options."

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Step 2

Click "Languages," a tab at the top of the window, and enable "Install files for complex script and right to left languages."


Step 3

Click "Details" under the "Text services and input languages" tab.

Step 4

Click "Add" located next to "Installed Services" when the window pops up, then select "Arabic (Egypt)" and "Arabic (101)" from the list of languages. Click "OK" twice when you are finished.


If you are not familiar with an Arabic keyboard, purchase Arabic 101 transparent stickers to put on your keyboard.