How to Install Canon Printers

Canon printers typically come with installation discs that contain software drivers to assist with installations. Canon software drivers are also available on the manufacturer's website. Installing a Canon printer takes about 10 minutes.

Hardware Set-Up for Canon Printers

Step 1

Unpack the Canon printer hardware, and all of its components. Lift the top cover of the Canon printer, and insert the color cartridge, if it is not already in place.

Step 2

Close the top cover of the Canon printer.

Step 3

Connect the Canon printer's A/C power adapter to the back of the hardware. Then, connect the other end to a power outlet.

Step 4

Press and hold the Canon printer hardware's power button until the LED light illuminates. (See Warnings in reference to connecting the Canon printer to the computer.)

Installing Printer Software Drivers

Step 1

Go to the Canon manufacturer hardware support site in your Internet browser. The hardware support site is an on-line resource that houses software drivers, downloads, user guides, and product manuals for nearly all Canon printer models. If you already have an installation disk, insert it into your disk drive and go to Step 9.

Step 2

Click the "Support: <Drivers / Downloads>" tab along the left side of the Canon manufacturer hardware support site's homepage.

Step 3

Select your geographical region on the interactive map that will appear to the right of the Canon homepage menu. The regional options should appear once you've selected the Support tab link. The site will display options so you can access all of the available software drivers and support resources for Canon printer hardware manufactured in your region.

Step 4

Provide your Product Type using the four hardware categories that will be listed on the Product Type browser page. Then, click "Printers & Multifunction" or "Professional Printers" sub-category option.

Step 5

Click the link for the name of your Canon printer's product model name or series when prompted by the Product Type browser. The Canon website will then redirect to the Canon product model's personal description and resource page.

Step 6

Double-click the "Drivers & Software" option that will be listed to the right of your printer model's thumbnail image and product name.

Step 7

Click the "Select OS" drop-down bar and click the name of the operating system you are installing the Canon printer to. Then, click the red down-arrow button to the right of the "Select OS" drop-down bar.

Step 8

Click the Canon software driver link that will be provided for the operating system you provided.

Step 9

Run the Canon software driver to access the installation wizard and begin the Canon printer hardware installation.

Step 10

Read the Canon end-user license and authorization agreement. Agree to its terms, and click "Next."

Step 11

Select the "Recommended" Canon installation process. The wizard will then begin storing the Canon components to your computer.

Step 12

Connect the Canon USB cable to both the printer and computer to associate the software drivers with the printer. Then, click "Next" to process the connection.

Step 13

Click "Finish" to conclude the Canon printer hardware and software driver installation.

Things You'll Need

  • Canon Printer Hardware

  • Canon USB Sync Cable

  • Canon Installation Disc or Software Drivers


Do not connect the Canon USB cable to the printer or computer until you begin the software installation. In most cases, the Canon installation wizard will prompt for this connection to associate the software drivers with the computer and printer.

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