How to Connect Sharp Copiers to a PC

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Sharp's line of multifunction copiers allow businesses to scan, print, copy and fax, all from one machine. These machines create more efficient work environments, especially in small business offices that may not have the space or resources for multiple machines. One multifunction machine also curbs the cost of maintenance, having to buy supplies and provide repair service for the one machine rather than multiple machines. Connecting a Sharp copier to a computer is similar to connecting any printer.


Step 1

Insert the installation disc included with the copier into the computer. The software should should launch automatically. If if does not, click the Windows "Start" button, select "Computer" from the menu and double-click the disc drive that contains in the CD.

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Step 2

Double-click the "Setup" option and confirm that you want to run the program, if prompted.


Step 3

Read the license terms and conditions. Click "Yes" to indicate your agreement and click the "Next" button.

Step 4

Select "Printer Driver" from the software selection screen and click "Custom Installation."


Step 5

Click the "Connected to this computer" bubble on the following page and click "Next."

Step 6

Click "Yes" if you want to install display fonts. If your company has special fonts it uses for document titles and headings, select "No." Click "Next."



Step 7

Read the information about the installation on the following page and click "Next." The software will install on the computer. Click "OK" when the installation is complete.

Step 8

Turn on the copier and connect the USB cable to the copier and the computer.


Step 9

Click the "Install the Software Automatically" bubble in the window that appears and click "Next." If a warning box appears, select "Install This Driver Software Anyway."

Step 10

Click "Close" when installation is complete. Select "Restart Now" when the window appears.

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