How to Keystroke to Rotate Screen

In some cases, Vista allows the use of the arrow keys to rotate the screen in Vista.

In some cases, Windows Vista gives users the option of rotating the display screen, which causes the images on the screen to rotate left, right or even upside-down. This can be a useful feature for you if, for example, you have a large, wide-screen monitor and want to change its position between horizontal and vertical. Depending on the graphics card for the PC or monitor, you may be able to use "hot keys" to rotate the screen in the Vista OS, meaning you can rotate the screen just by pressing certain buttons on the keyboard. If you do not have this option, third-party utility iRotate is needed to enable the hot keys commands.

Hot Keys

Step 1

Hold the "Ctrl," "Alt" and down arrow keys on the keyboard at the same time to rotate the screen upside down.

Step 2

Hold the "Ctrl," "Alt" and left arrow keys to rotate the screen 90 degrees to the left.

Step 3

Hold the "Ctrl," "Alt" and right arrow keys to rotate the screen 90 degrees to the right.

Step 4

Hold the "Ctrl," "Alt" and up arrow keys to rotate the screen to its default position.


Step 1

Go to the EnTech Taiwan website and download the iRotate program.

Step 2

Right-click the iRotate icon on the system tray after it is installed.

Step 3

Note the key commands for rotating the screen. Normal orientation is "Ctrl," "Alt" and the up arrow key. "Ctrl," "Alt" and the left arrow rotates the screen left. "Ctrl," "Alt" and the right arrow rotates right. "Ctrl," "Alt" and down arrow rotates the screen upside-down.


iRotate is free for personal use.