How to List Multiples on Craigslist

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Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, first posted an advertisement in 1995.

Craigslist is a community networking website that brings buyers and sellers together for various products, services and events. To keep advertising traffic down, Craigslist frowns upon listing multiple ads for your product, service or event. This is because each time an advertisement is made, it goes to the very top of the list pushing the rest down below. However, some people wish to list in multiple locations to advertise their product service or event. For instance, if you are selling a classic car, you may wish to list it in multiple counties within your state.


Step 1

Select "Post to Classifieds." This is located on the top left corner of your city home page.

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Step 2

Choose a "Type of Posting." There are various posting categories on Craigslist, which include "Job Offered," "Job Wanted," "Housing Offered," "Housing Wanted," "For Sale" and "Item Wanted."


Step 3

Select a category. For instance, if selling an item, you will choose from categories which include "Antiques," "Appliances" and "Arts and Crafts."

Step 4

Select the county or area where the product, service or event is located. It will give you several options located around your home city or town. Choose the one which is closest.


Step 5

Create an advertisement for your service, product or event. The advertisement should detail information, such as a description, cost, contact information and provide pictures if appropriate. Note the wording of the advertisement as you will not want to repeat the wording for your next listing. You will also provide you email address in this step.


Step 6

Select "Continue." This is located in the bottom left of the advertisement box.


Step 7

Review your advertisement. Check for any inaccuracies, mistakes or anything you would like to change. Select "Publish" on the bottom of the screen.


Step 8

Go to your email account. Craigslist requires you to publish the article by clicking on a link sent to you in an email. This will ensure only you, or someone who knows your email address and password, can post on Craigslist on your behalf. The first ad will now be posted.

Step 9

Repeat this entire process from a different computer, using a different email and a different advertisement. Craigslist will flag a posting by checking for multiple advertisements that match these three components. For instance, if you have a desktop computer, switch to using your laptop. When writing the next listing, some components will need to be the same. However, write the description of the advertisement as different as possible. If you are using pictures, show different pictures. Finally, be sure to list the item in a different area or location so it is not flagged by Craigslist.

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