How to Edit the Location on Craigslist

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Craigslist allows you to set a specific location for an item in the "Specific Location" box. Although Craigslist sites are broken down by city, the specific location box is helpful if your town does not have a Craigslist site and you are posting the item on the nearest metro area's site. It's also useful for specifying a neighborhood or community within a city. You can access the listing editor to change the specific location after creating your Craigslist ad.


Step 1

Visit the Craiglist site for your city and click "My Account." Sign in to your account to bring up the listing editor.

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Step 2

Access the email address you used to create the listing, if you did not create a Craigslist account when you listed the item. Click on the email you received from Craigslist marked "POST/EDIT/Delete -[Item Name]."


Step 3

Click on the "Edit Again" button at the bottom of the listing page.


Step 4

Scroll to the "Specific Location" box. Delete the current specific location, and then type the new location.

Step 5

Click on "Continue" to save the changes to your item's location.

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