How to Locate the Source of a Telephone Number

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Trace a phone number using the Internet.

Knowing the source of a telephone number is helpful in many situations. For instance, if an anonymous phone number shows up repeatedly on your caller identification system, you may want to know the identity of the caller or company. Also, if someone leaves you a voice mail message with their phone number and you can't decipher the name, you may want to trace the number before calling back. In cases such as these, the Internet provides many ways to identify the source of phone numbers.


Step 1

Go to the AnyWho web page. Choose "Reverse Lookup" from the menu options at the top. Enter the phone number in the query box and press "Find". This search tool will not work for cell phones.

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Step 2

Launch the White Pages website. Select "Reverse Phone" from the top of the page. Type the number of interest in the search box. Press "Find". If you enter a cell phone number, you will have the option to pay a fee to get the identity of the cell phone owner.



Step 3

Go to the 411 web page. Choose the "Reverse Phone" link. Enter the number phone number and press "Find". You can pay a fee to gain access to the source if the number is a cell phone.




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