How to Lock a Nokia Phone Keypad

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Keep your Nokia keypad locked while not in use.

Nokia is a cell phone company that sells a wide selection of cell phones. If you have a Nokia phone, you may wish to lock your keypad to avoid accidentally pressing keys while the phone is not in use. Nokia phones come with a feature called Keyguard, to help control key presses. How you lock your keypad will vary based on the cell phone model you have. As long as you have programmed an official emergency service number to your phone, such as 911, you still have the ability to call for emergency even if you locked your keypad.


Step 1

Press the left selection key. Then press the "Star" key. To unlock, follow the same step.

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Step 2

Press the Menu key. Next press the "Star" key or hold down the left selection key. To unlock your keypad, hit "Unlock" and the "Star" key.


Step 3

Lock your keypad while in Menu or inside an application. Then hit the "Power" key and choose "Lock Keypad."


Step 4

Press the "Power" key. Choose "Lock Keypad."

Step 5

Press the left selection key. Then press the right selection key.

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