How to Speed Dial Using a Tracfone

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Assign a speed dial number to your most frequently dialed contacts.

Tracfone offers mobile phone users the benefits of a monthly cell phone plan, such as text messaging, voice calls Internet access, without a one-or two-year contract obligation. Most Tracfones come pre-installed with speed dial capabilities, which allow individuals to assign a single-digit number to a frequently called number. Using your Tracfone's speed dial feature allows you to make calls without the hassle of memorizing a caller's 10-digit phone number.


Step 1

Power your cell phone on. Press the "Menu" soft key to access your cell phone's main menu screen.

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Step 2

Press and hold the single-digit number corresponding to the number you wish to call, which will automatically connect your call, or tap the single-digit number of the person you would like to call and press the "Pound" key (#).


Step 3

Tap "Send" to call the number. Although the steps to access speed dial numbers vary depending on your particular Tracfone wireless device, the overall process is quite similar. Consult your phone's user manual for more details.




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