How to Lock an Address Bar

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Internet Explorer for Windows provides its users with various customization options aimed at making the interface easier to use. Toolbars can be hidden or added and buttons or icons can be moved around or removed completely. The address bar in Internet Explorer may be hidden, moved or resized as part of these customization features. If you accidentally hide your address bar, you can restore it and lock it in place to prevent a repeat event.


Step 1

Right-click anywhere in the toolbar area of Internet Explorer (the grey area at the top of the window). Click "Unlock the Toolbars."

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Step 2

Select "View-->"Toolbars"-->"Address Bar" to return the address bar to its normal position within Internet Explorer.


Step 3

Click and drag the edges of the address bar to re-size it to your liking. Do this with other toolbars in Internet Explorer if you like.

Step 4

Right-click anywhere in the toolbar section of Internet Explorer to bring up a menu. Click "Lock the Toolbars" to prevent further changes to the address bar's size.