How to Log into My Apple iTunes Account

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The Apple iTunes login process varies by the type of device you use.
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The Apple iTunes login process varies by the type of device you use. It also varies slightly between the iTunes account login on new devices and those that are already registered. ITunes is connected to all other Apple services, and your primary Apple ID is all you need to access everything. Apple makes it easy to access your account on all your devices and provides support when you forget the ID or lose access to the account.


New Apple iTunes Login

New devices require a login to access your Apple services. The single login provides access to iTunes, the App Store, iMessage, iCloud and all other relevant digital Apple services. A new device asks for the Apple ID before you are allowed to access any of Apple's services. You receive the ID when you first sign up for services and carry that same ID for the life of the account, even when transferring services to new devices. If you have never signed up for an Apple ID, go to the website's Create Your Apple ID page to set up your ID.


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Enter your Apple ID into your computer or mobile device when prompted to do so, and you are logged in to all Apple services available on the device, including your iTunes or Music account. If the device had a previous owner, that user must first log out of that account. Then you enter your ID to take over the device. The ability to sign in quickly with your ID makes the entire process seamless.

You need to use your Apple ID to download apps, purchase e-books, access iCloud, subscribe to Apple Music, News+, Arcade or Apple TV+ and take advantage of many more services on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple-specific devices.


Look Up Your ID

If you forget your Apple ID, retrieval is relatively easy. Ideally, you should write down the ID and store it in a safe place or memorize it. Otherwise, Apple can help you look up the ID and reset your password.

The Apple Support site has a lookup process that requires only your first and last name to locate the ID. Follow the instructions to locate your account. Before supplying the ID, however, Apple requires a verification process to confirm your identity. This involves an email or text message confirmation number.


The other option is to activate the new device in an Apple Store. The store can retrieve your forgotten ID and confirm your identity in person to ensure everything is running correctly before you leave the site.

Reset the Password

The ID requires an Apple password to log in to your account. Enter the password along with the ID to gain access. If you forget the password, use Apple's password recovery process as described on its website to reset the account with a new password. To complete the reset, you need access to the email associated with the account for identity confirmation.


After entering the Apple ID, choose the reset password option. Apple emails or texts you a confirmation code to verify your identity. Enter the code and change to a new password. Write this password down in a safe place for later reference. Press Enter to accept the password and complete the reset.

After resetting the password, enter your Apple ID and new password to complete the login process. This opens your Apple accounts and provides access to iTunes and all the other services compatible with the device. Stay logged in to the device to keep the services connected.