How to Make a Backup Disk of Your Computer

Anyone familiar with computers knows that security threats are abundant and everywhere. While most computers will function just fine and their information will be safe on their internal hard disk drive, sometimes this is not enough due to the existence of viruses or any amount of random problems that may occur that lead to a deletion of your files. Fortunately, a backup of your information onto an external hard disk drive is a relatively painless process as long as you have access to the hardware necessary.

Step 1

Purchase or locate an external hard drive for your computer. You will use this to back up all of your files in case of a computer failure, which would subsequently wipe out your internal hard drive as well. An external hard disk drive is recommended as using CDs or a similar format would result in a stop-and-go effort with many CDs/DVDs used.

Step 2

Take the external disk drive and plug it into your computer. It will likely be a USB-based hard drive, so just plug it into one of your computer's USB 2.0 ports.

Step 3

Click on the "Start" tab on the bottom of the desktop of your Windows PC. Highlight and then select "System Tools."

Step 4

Click on the "Backup" option when prompted after selecting the System Tools category. After a moment, a Backup or Restore Auto Wizard will appear with options. Click "Next" on the Backup or Restore page.

Step 5

Click the "All Information" selection on the "What to Back Up" page when it pops up after you select the "Next" option. If you are making a true backup of your computer, this is the only way to go to ensure that all of your information is saved and accounted for. However, you can micromanage the backup of information by not selecting "All Information," if you desire.

Step 6

Wait for the "Backup Type, Destination, and Name" box to appear. When it does, select your external hard disk drive, which should be listed as a place to make your backup so long as you correctly and carefully plugged in your external hard drive. After selecting this destination, click "Finish" on the "Completion" page.

Step 7

Wait as Windows makes the backup of all your computer files to your external hard disk drive. This should take a few minutes. A notification will come up alerting you to backup completion. Then click "Close." You have successfully made a full backup of your computer.


Consider making a second backup via another external hard disk drive so as to ensure your files are safe. Having a backup for your backup is always a wise idea.