How to Make a DVD Play Continuously

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DVD Plays Continuously

You might want to make a DVD play continuously for several reasons. This works well at a wedding reception so a slide show can play all night. This way you can focus on the celebration instead of worrying about when it's time to push play again. It gives you the freedom to be away from the DVD player if you are showing a short film. Most DVD players and computers have the capability to repeat automatically. There are several easy ways to accomplish this.


Step 1

Set the A B button on your DVD remote. You may not have even noticed these buttons on your remote. This creates a DVD loop by scene. You can have your DVD play continuously from any point in the program. The clip can also end at any point. Press the A button where you want the scene to begin. Then fast forward to where you want the scene to end, and press the B button. If you have just one button labeled "A-B" on your remote, you can still accomplish this. Press it once to set the A scene, and press it again to set the B scene.


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Step 2

Use the DVD menu. Some children's DVDs have the option to play the disc continually. Go to the disc menu, and look under "Features." If you see a repeat DVD option, select it.

Step 3

Enable the "play all" feature. This will play every episode on a disc continuously without reverting to the menu. It allows you watch a series without any starting or stopping points. The DVD will stop after the last episode. The "play all" feature is available on the episode screen of the DVD menu.



Step 4

Push the repeat button. Many DVD remotes have a repeat button on them. It often is labeled "Repeat" below the button or even on it. Press the button multiple times to see all of the options. You can repeat the entire DVD, scenes or chapters.

Step 5

Play your DVD on your computer to make it repeat automatically. Open Windows Media Player. Start your DVD. Find and press the repeat button. It likely is next to the stop button and is an arrow bent into a circle. Your DVD remote might have the same symbol.




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