How to Make a Laptop Camera Work

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An older webcam.

Many laptops come with built-in webcams. You may not even notice the camera, but it's usually a small lens on the top inside of the laptop. The camera lets you do videoconferencing with friends or colleagues. The camera will not be very high quality, but it will do the job. Many instant messaging services have built-in webcam functionality to share video with your friends.


Step 1

Find the program that works with the webcam. If your laptop came with a camera, it should have also come with a software program to use the camera. Look through your program list to find the camera software.

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Step 2

Start the webcam software and look for any settings to adjust. There may even be a setting to turn the camera on. Adjust any additional settings, such as picture size and microphone settings.


Step 3

Find the application that you want use the camera with and click the camera button on the software to turn it on. This can be the software that came with the computer or instant messaging software such as Yahoo! Messenger.




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