How to take pictures with the built in webcam on the Lenovo Ideapad

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So you have a new Lenovo Ideapad with a built in webcam. Is there anything else you can do with it? Yes! You can easily take pictures with the webcam with the built in software Lenovo provides. Although the picture quality is not the greatest on a webcam, it is suitable for things such as email messages or ebay listings.


Step 1

Open up Lenovo Easy Capture. You can access the program by going to the Start Menue and then Programs. If your computer doesn't have Lenovo Easy Capture it can be downloaded for free online. Do a google search for Lenovo Easy Capture Download and you will find multiples sources for the download. Install the program and open it.


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Step 2

To take pictures when the program is open all you need to do is to hit the camera button. It is that simple!

Step 3

If you are wondering where your pictures are being stored open up the pictures folder under your account folder. Just open up your default pictures folder and you will see them.




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