How to Make a Schedule in Microsoft Access

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A schedule is a convenient way to manage your time. Microsoft Access, a database program manufactured by the Microsoft Corporation, is included in the Microsoft Office family of software programs. A major benefit of using any Microsoft software product is that the Microsoft Office Online website provides thousands of free resources for each product, including downloadable templates and online tutorials, describing how to perform simple and complex tasks. Here are simple instructions for making a schedule in Microsoft Access 2007.


Step 1

Select "Microsoft Access" from the "Start Menu."

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Step 2

Under the heading labeled "Template Categories," click on "Featuring." If your computer is connected to the Internet, you will be directed automatically to Microsoft Office Online.


Step 3

Choose to "Browse for Templates by Industry," or search for an Office template.

Step 4

Under "Templates," there is a "Search Templates" box. Type "access schedule" in the box. Click "Search."


Step 5

Click on the name of a template in the list that works in Microsoft Access. Look for the Microsoft Access icon displayed next to the template name.


Step 6

A sample template such as "Resouce scheduling database" will appear on the screen.


Step 7

Click the "Download" button. The template file will be downloaded to your computer.

Step 8

A message will be posted on the Microsoft website when the file download is successful.

Step 9

Your computer will automatically open the file. Begin using the template to enter your scheduling information.

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