How to Make Free Long Distance Landline Calls

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Landlines are frequently higher quality than cell phone calls, and can be especially convenient when you are anticipating a long phone call when you have a low cell phone battery. Normal landline calls, placed from the phone, are handled over the landline provider's network and are charged at the usual long distance rates. You can make a free long distance call by generating the call from another service, and patching the call to your landline. The call itself will not be on a landline for the entire distance, but will be landline for the "last mile" to your home phone.

Cellular Three-way Calling

Step 1

If you have a cell phone with enough minutes on account to cover the length of your call, you may be able to make a free landline call by setting up a three-way call. Check with your cell phone provider to determine if there is an extra charge for this service; some providers charge a per-minute fee, while others allow it for free provided you have enough minutes in your account to cover the call.

Step 2

Place a call to your landline, and pick it up. Then initiate a second call from your cell phone, and activate three-way calling. The conversation will be patched in to both your cell phone and your landline.

Step 3

In some cases, you can hang up your cell phone, and the call will continue between your landline and the called parties. In other cases, hanging up your cell phone will terminate the call.

Google Voice Calling

Step 1

Set up your Google Voice account in the Add Phones interface to use your landline as one of your phone numbers.

Step 2

Initiate the call from the Google Voice interface. Your landline should ring in a few seconds. Google Voice provides free long distance calls anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Step 3

Pick up your landline; you should hear the call ringing through to the called party. The call will be maintained over landline to your home, and over the Internet between you and the called party; you will not need to leave your browser open, or have high-speed Internet access, in order to complete the call.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone with three-way calling, or

  • Google Voice account


If you use cellular three-way calling, you will need twice the number of minutes on your account as the length of your call, as your call is actually two calls placed outward from your cell phone.