How to Accept Collect Calls on a Cell Phone for Free

By Maribeth Pugh

Cell phones are replacing land line phones in some households. One disadvantage of using cell phones as a main source of communication is not being able to accept collect phone calls. Regular cell phone providers usually don't allow collect calls because of not being able to bill the call. To make a call, you are using regular airtime minutes or have a specific calling plan that doesn't include collect calls. Many cell phone providers are making adjustments and providing options for collect calling.

Step 1

Accept collect calls through a third party company. Cell phone users can use a third party company like Western Union for accepting calls. You will have to give the caller a toll free number to complete a collect call to your cell phone. The caller will have to give the operator the cell phone number and the operator will contact the owner of the cell phone. The cell phone owner will have to give a check card number or credit card number to receive the collect call to his phone. The operator will connect the call after receiving payment information and the cell phone user will be billed $.25 per minute.

Step 2

Establish a prepaid account with your cell phone provider. Many cell phone providers have a service called "Collect to Wireless" that allows cell phone customers to set up a prepaid account. You can make collect calls by dialing a toll-free phone number, given by the cell phone provider. The caller will have to enter the ten-digit phone number at the prompt and give his name. Cell phone providers usually charge $9.99 for every 20 minute increments of talk time.

Step 3

Use a third party company that allows the use of a calling card. Third-party companies like 800Call4Less allow callers to make calls to cell phones using a calling card or credit card. The company will give customers a toll free number to call when ready to make collect calls. The operator will need the cell phone number and payment information. After receiving a credit card or calling card, the operator will connect the call to the cell phone number.

Step 4

Buy a calling card. Buying a calling card for love ones is an alternative for receiving calls to a cell phone. Cell phone owners are unable to receive collect calls from prison. If you have someone in prison and want to stay in contact, then you can send the inmate calling cards. Calling cards will help to save on phone charges and keep loved ones in contact.