How to Make Laptop Speakers Louder

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Laptops become smaller every year, which isn't a good thing for sound quality. To produce clear, loud sound, a speaker requires a large vibrating membrane -- something that doesn't fit in a thin laptop case. There are several solutions for making laptop speakers louder -- and some of them may already be on your computer.


Basic Volume Adjustment

When you play media files on your laptop, you'll usually have two volume sliders at your disposal: the operating system's volume slider and the media player's volume slider. You'll find these sliders at the top or bottom of the screen or playback window. Click both sliders and drag them to the top or right to raise the volume. Alternatively, on a computer running Windows 8.1, press the Windows logo key and type "adjust system volume." The result appears on the right side of the screen.


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Hardware Volume Adjustment

Your laptop may have a button to increase speaker volume, usually labeled with an icon of a speaker and several curved lines. Hold this button until the volume reaches its maximum level.


Audio Enhancement Software

A Windows laptop may include software designed to enhance speaker output. To find this, check the Control Panel for an icon such as "Enhanced Audio" or "Audio Control Panel." Third-party solutions are also available to make laptop speakers louder. This software generally works by enhancing the stereo spectrum, making sounds seem clearer and louder. On a Mac, you'll find similar settings in the Sound section of the System Preferences menu.


Speaker Damage

If your laptop's speakers crackle or only produce sound from one side, they may be damaged. This can happen because of a loose connection or blown speaker. If you find this difficult or impossible to remedy in your laptop, try a set of speakers that connects to your laptop's headphone jack or wirelessly via Bluetooth.