How to Make Numbered Coupons in Word

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Numbered coupons will help you keep track of where your customers are getting their coupons to use at your business. This will help you determine what locations are best for distributing coupons, which ultimately will save you advertising money that you can spend elsewhere. Creating numbered coupons in Microsoft Word is a task that does not require much effort. By making the coupons yourself, you will know that they meet your approval and you will cut out the intermediary by doing all the work yourself.


Step 1

Open a new document in Microsoft Word. Click on the "Office" button, and then select "New" from the menu.

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Step 2

Click on "Gift Certificates" under the "Microsoft Office Online" title. Select a gift certificate to use for your coupons. You will ultimately resize it and add coupon information to replace the gift certificate information.


Step 3

Select "Download" and wait for the template to load.

Step 4

Click on the gift certificate's border. Drag any of the small blue circles toward the center of the certificate to resize it to the right dimensions. If you need a precise measurement, select your new coupon and then click on the "Format" tab, and then change the dimensions on the right side of the program.


Step 5

Change the color, shape and outline of the coupon. While you still have the "Format"' tab open, you can alter the appearance of the coupons. Under the "Shape Styles" location select "Shape Fill" to change the color, "Shape Outline" to change the border, or "Change Shape" to make a new design. This will help you to customize the coupons to suit your needs.


Step 6

Change the text to your coupon information. Highlight the text you wish to change. Hit the "Delete" button on your computer's keyboard. Add a text box by choosing the "Insert" tab, and then select "Text Box." Add your business name, what you are offering on the coupon and an expiration date.



Step 7

Add the coupon's text. You can alter the appearance of the text such as color, size and font style by choosing the "Home" tab.

Step 8

Insert your company's logo. This will help distinguish your coupons from competitors. Choose the "Insert" tab, and then select "Picture." From here you will need to find your logo on your computer's hard drive. Once you insert the logo, you can resize it the same way you resized the coupon.


Step 9

Add a text box on the document to insert the number for your coupon. Place this number in the corner of the coupon or on the bottom underneath all the important coupon text. Type the first number you want to begin with, and then alter its appearance from the "Home" tab by using the options located in the "Font" box.


Step 10

Select the entire coupon. From the "Home" tab, click on the "Select" menu from the "Editing" section. Choose "Select All" and then right-click on the coupon. Click on "Copy," and then "Paste" the new coupon underneath the first coupon. Change the number on the coupon to a new digit, and then continue copying and pasting until you have the desired amount of coupons.

Step 11

Print the coupons out from your home printer. If you want quality or professional coupons, take them to your local printing company.




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