How to Make the "Degrees" Symbol in Facebook and Emails

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Notify your friends of the temperature with the degree symbol.

Most websites, email hosts and computers operate with the Windows Character Map, a method of inserting certain characters and symbols into text boxes that aren't otherwise available on the standard keyboard. A quick glance at your standard keyboard reveals that the degree sign, used for temperatures, angles and other information is nowhere to be found. The character map allows you to use a code to insert a degrees symbol in Facebook, emails and other online interactions and text.


Step 1

Click in the text field to place a cursor where you'd like to type your degrees symbol. For instance, on Facebook it could be the status bar or on a friend's wall, while in an email it would likely be in the field for the message body.

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Step 2

Pres the "Num Lock" key on your keyboard until the indicator light appears.


Step 3

Hold down the "Alt" key and press 0,1,7 and 6 in succession, using the number pad on the right-hand side of your keyboard. The character code for a degrees symbol reads as "Alt+0176."

Step 4

Type a new degrees symbol each time you want one to appear, or copy and paste the first degrees symbol as you would any other text.



Step 5

View other symbols and their shortcuts by locating the character map on your computer. Click the "Start" menu, then select "All Programs," then "Accessories" and "System Tools." Click "Character Map" and select various symbols to see their codes for use in online and other supported applications.




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