How to Make the Top Row Scroll in Excel

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Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate edition includes the Excel spreadsheet application.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can accommodate thousands of rows of data and a few hundred columns. Users commonly create headings at the top of those columns in the first row to describe the data in the rows that follow. Though the headings are commonly stated as letters and descriptors, different from the numeric data that shows in subsequent rows, that first line of cells across the top of the spreadsheet is still a plain old row and will scroll up and down with the rest. Fortunately, Microsoft includes a function in Excel that will automatically isolate this row and keep it stationary against other rows.


Step 1

Open up to the worksheet in the Microsoft Excel workbook.

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Step 2

Click the "View" tab.

Step 3

Click the "Freeze Panes" icon. Select "Freeze Top Row" from the menu.


Step 4

Click the "Windows Office" orb logo in the top left corner. Use the save options on the menu, if you want to make the top-row scroll permanent.