How to Merge Cells in Excel With the Keyboard

The Key Tips do not require you to remember complicated keyboard combinations.

Whether you are faced with an unresponsive mouse or if you just want to save your wrists from unnecessary strain, Excel provides you with the ability to use the keyboard to perform just about any command. When you activate "Key Tips," Excel overlays numbers and letters on all the commands in the ribbon so that you can select any command just by using the keyboard. You can merge cells just as easily with the keyboard as you would using the mouse.

Step 1

Navigate to the first cell in an open spreadsheet you want to merge by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Step 2

Select the adjoining cell or cells by holding down the "Shift" key and pressing one or more of the arrow keys on the keyboard. You should see an outline of the cells that you will merge.

Step 3

Press the "Alt" key to display number and letter key tips in Excel.

Step 4

Press "H" to display the key tips for all commands in the "Home" tab.

Step 5

Press "M" to open the merge menu. Select one of the merging options: press "C" to "Merge and Center," press "A" to "Merge Across" or press "M" to "Merge Cells." You can also use the down arrow key to select an option.