How to Mirror a Computer Display

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Attach a second monitor to your computer to create a mirrored display.

A mirrored computer display is one possibility when you hook up a dual-screen display or dual display. A dual display is when two monitors are hooked up to one computer. You can either use the second screen to extend your display and show more of the desktop, allowing you to work in one window on one display and in another window on the other. Or, you can choose for the display on the two screens to be identical or mirrored to one another. You can create a mirrored computer display if you have a spare monitor and a complete desktop computer set with a screen, keyboard and mouse.


Step 1

Turn off the computer to attach the second screen. You need to attach the second screen on the back of your desktop computer using the port adapter. Attach the port adapter to a USB outlet and attach the end of the monitor wire to the blue outlet at the end of the port adapter.

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Step 2

Turn on your computer when the second screen has been attached securely. Let the operating system load completely.


Step 3

Place the cursor on the desktop background and right-click on the mouse. Select the "Settings" option and choose the "Display" option in the sub-menu. This can also be called "Screen Resolutions" if you are running a newer operating system.

Step 4

Enter the "Properties" of the screen display information and proceed to enter the "Settings" option to start the second screen installation.


Step 5

Locate the image that shows two screens. The larger screen represents your original monitor because it is installed. The other screen is smaller because it has not been installed.

Step 6

Click on the smaller screen to install it. Edit the second screen's settings so they match the first screen's settings. This will give both screens equal display quality.


Step 7

Locate the "Multiple Displays" drop-down menu. Select the "Duplicate these displays" to make a mirrored display rather than an extended display. Click "OK" to mirror the first display to the second screen and click "Done" to finish the installation.

Step 8

Turn on the second screen to view a mirrored computer display. The two screens are now identical.

Things You'll Need

  • Second computer screen

  • Port adapter