How to Mount LCD TVs on Stacked Stone Walls

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An LCD mounted to a stacked stone fireplace.

Stacked stone walls are normally held together using a special stone adhesive, similar to the type used to secure retaining walls. This makes the structure very strong, and able to support the vast majority of liquid crystal display (LCD) flat panel televisions. Mounting an LCD television to a stacked stone material is very similar to brick mounting, using masonry-specific hardware to secure the set.


Step 1

Place the wall bracket half of the mount up against the wall at the desired height. Align the four corner mounting holes with the center of a stone. Do not align the holes with the edge of a stone, or the join between two stones on the wall or fireplace.

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Step 2

Drill out the four corner holes, using the SDS drill and mortar bit. Flick the switch to "H/D" or similarly labeled setting to engage the hammer drill setting if the stone is especially tough. Sink into the stone the depth of the sleeve. Ensure that the drilling action is straight into the stone, as the diameter of the hole must match the diameter of the sleeve. Turn the switch back to "Drill" or "Norm" to turn off the hammer drill feature upon removing the bit.


Step 3

Tap the sleeves into the stone, using the hammer. Use caution not to chip the stone surrounding the sleeves when driving them in.

Step 4

Set the wall mount bracket back up against the stone. Drive four masonry lag bolts through the four corner mounting holes on the bracket, into the sleeves. Tighten them securely using the ratchet and socket set.



Step 5

Align the television bracket portion of the mount with the four threaded inserts on the back of the LCD. Insert the four included Allen bolts and washers through the mounting holes on the bracket, into the threaded inserts. Tighten the bolts with the supplied Allen key.

Step 6

Lift and hang the LCD television onto the mount. Tighten any screws on the mount designed to anchor the two halves of the wall mount together, using the supplied Allen key.

Things You'll Need

  • SDS Drill

  • 3/16 inch SDS masonry bit

  • Masonry anchors

  • Flat panel mounting bracket

  • Masonry screws

  • Ratchet and socket set


Recruit a helper to lift and hang the set if you are unsure of doing it by yourself. Damage from dropping is rarely covered by any manufacturer's or extended warranty.

You may choose to wear hearing protection, since the percussive sounds of the SDS drill can be fairly loud.


If the stacked stone is over a fireplace, always check the ambient temperature above the fireplace with a fire running. Use a digital thermometer to observe whether the temperature rises above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If so, do not proceed, as this amount of heat over time can and will shorten the set's lifespan.



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