How to Open a CD Player on a Laptop with Keys

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Open a CD Player on a Laptop with Keys

Knowing how to open a CD player on a laptop with keys is handy if you don't have access to tools and the drive is stuck. A few of the most common reasons a drive gets stuck or won't open are as follows: 1) the button no longer works, or disappeared; 2) a CD/DVD has jammed the drive; 3) the computer has frozen and won't open the drive. Keys are not the ideal tool when trying to open a CD player, but they do work in a pinch.


Step 1

Determine if you need to remove the tray manually because the drive button is malfunctioning. If so, move to Step 4.

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Step 2

Pry off the drive plate by inserting your thinnest key in the groove between the plate and casing. The casing should bow slightly. With light pressure, leverage the key against the plate until it pops away.


Step 3

In the middle of the drive, there should be a metal contact in the shape of a circle. Press this circle with the end of a key. If everything is okay mechanically, the tray should pop out as normal.

Step 4

Remove the CD drive plate as outlined in Steps 2 and 3. Look at where the drive is inserted in the laptop. Depending on how it sits internally, you will insert two keys. This is determined by where there are spacious grooves.


Step 5

Insert a key on either side of the CD drive if there is enough room to do so. Most likely, this will be the case. Proceed to Step 5 if there is not enough room to place two keys. With the keys in place, pry the drive out. Increase pressure gradually until the drive pops. It will take some power to get the drive to release because you are pulling on the clips inside the drive.


Step 6

If there is not enough room on either side of the drive, then insert one key near the bottom right corner and one key near the upper left corner and pry the drive out. Again, increase pressure gradually until the drive releases. By using opposite corners, you decrease the chance of bending the drive upward or downward. If Step 5 doesn't work, you can try this method.


Don't force the drive when prying. Use gradual pressure.

One the plate is off, try cleaning the circular contact before removing the tray. A dirty contact may not let the computer push out the drive.

Before using keys to open a laptop, use a paper clip in the small hole next to the button. Push the paper clip in hard and it may release the laptop CD player drive for removing. If this doesn't work proceed to using the above steps.


If, after trying to pry the drive out, it still won't release, take it to a professional to ascertain the problem. There may be something more seriously wrong with the drive or laptop.