How to Open a Dish Network Remote Control

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How to Open a Dish Network Remote Control
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Dish Network is one of the leading providers of satellite television. When you sign up for service, you receive a satellite dish installed on your property, in addition to a satellite receiver box and remote control. The remote control functions like any other remote; however, you may find it necessary to take the remote apart. For example, to repair minor damage.


Step 1

Flip the remote upside down. Remove the plastic battery cover, exposing the batteries.

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Step 2

Take the batteries out of the Dish Network remote control.

Step 3

Insert the flathead screwdriver into the rear of the remote, where the top and bottom cover comes together. If you do not have a small enough screwdriver to fit in this space you can use a key or a butter knife.

Step 4

Push the screwdriver (or other item) up to slightly separate the top of the case from the bottom.


Step 5

Work your way slowly around the side of the remote, as if you were opening up an oyster. Once half or so of the remote cover has been separated from top and bottom, you should be able to snap the two pieces apart. Do not worry, these two pieces are durable and are not going to break easily.

Step 6

Pull out the rubber button pad from the remote. There is a small board of electrical chips and wires with two metal springs that absorb the power from the battery. Remove this from the bottom piece of the remote control, and the remote is now completely open and taken apart.