How to Open a DXR

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DXR files can be opened in a web browser.

The DXR file extension is a Protected Macromedia Director Movie file that produces an animation, movie or game which can be used inside an Internet Web browser. Unlike DIR files where you can edit the included animation or game, DXR are read-only and cannot be edited. Still, you can view a DXR file from a Web browser even if your computer isn't hooked up to the Internet as long as you have the file stored somewhere on your computer.


Step 1

Download and install Adobe Shockwave Player onto your computer. This software is fairly common and may already be on your computer, but you can visit the official website to see if you have the latest version. A link to Adobe can be found in the Resources section at the bottom of this article.


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Step 2

Open your favorite Internet web browser. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer both incorporate Adobe Shockwave Player into the browser functionality.

Step 3

Click the File menu in your Internet browser and choose "Open File." This can also be achieved by pressing the "CTRL" and "O" keys simultaneously.


Step 4

Navigate to where you have the DXR file saved on your computer. Click the name so it's highlighted and click the "Open" button to load the file.


Step 5

View the Shockwave animation in the main window of your Internet browser. Right-click on the Shockwave animation to see a drop-down menu that allows you to stop and start the animation. You can also choose to restart the animation from the beginning using this drop-down menu.



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