How to Open a .SAV File

.SAV files may be associated with SPSS, a statistics program.
Image Credit: shironosov/iStock/Getty Images

The file extension .SAV is used in multiple types of programs, including games, statistical programs, and utilities. Its most common uses are for saved game files and for statistical data created in Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Fortunately, there are multiple programs and websites in addition to SPSS that will open .SAV files containing statistical data.

Statistical Data

For best results and the most editing and analysis options, open SPSS on your computer and load the .SAV file. If SPSS is not available, you can also use third-party software and Web-based programs available on the Internet.

Other Types of .SAV Files

Typically, you find saved game files and other .SAV files in a folder associated with the program which opens them. Open that program and use the option to load or open a saved file. If you know the file is associated with a game, but you don't know which one, you can copy it into each game's saved game folder and then try to open it.