How to Open Excel Templates

If you use Excel 2010 or Excel 2007, you can use a wide variety of templates, or spreadsheets already formatted to manage specific information. For example, you can use templates to manage your expenses or track your blood pressure. After you open an Excel template, you can begin adding data.

Step 1

Open Excel. Click "File" if you are using Excel 2010 or click the "Office" button if you are using Excel 2007. The Office menu will open.

Step 2

Click "New" on the Office menu. A window called "New Workbook" will open. You can search for and open Excel templates here.

Step 3

Look to the "Templates" section on the "New Workbook" menu. You can view recently used or installed templates here.

Step 4

Click one of the Excel template categories to view an Excel template. Categories you can choose from are "Blank and Recent" and "Installed Templates."

Step 5

Select the template you want to open and click "Create" or "OK" depending on whether you are opening a recent template or an installed template. The template will open in a new workbook.


Download more Excel templates from the Microsoft Office website (see Resources).

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