How to Open ODS on the Mac

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Open an OpenDocument Spreadsheet file with the extension .ods on your Mac using LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice or another spreadsheet program that supports it. You can also upload the file to Google Drive to convert it to a Google Spreadsheet or use a Web application to convert the file to another format.

Open ODS Files With LibreOffice

Step 1

Click Open File in LibreOffice.

Step 2

Select the file you want to open and click Open.


LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice, NeoOffice and other open source office suites are derived from an open source project called Apache OpenOffice and NeoOffice also use the OpenDocument format for storing data and can open ODS files similarly to LibreOffice.

Open ODS Files With Google Drive

You can open ODS files with Google Drive, converting them into Google Sheets spreadsheets.

Step 1

On the Google Drive website, click New and choose Google Sheets in the menu.

Step 2

In the spreadsheet window, click File and click Import in the File menu.

Step 3

Within the Import screen, click Upload, then click Select a File From Your Computer.

Step 4

Click the file you want to open and then click Open.

Convert ODS Files to Another Format

You can use Web tools to convert ODS files to another format, like Microsoft Excel's spreadsheet format or Comma Separated Value format, which can be opened by Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

A website called Zamzar converts ODS files to Excel's XLS format. The online Free File Converter converts ODS files to XLS or CSV, or to Portable Document Format, which can be opened by many smartphone and desktop tools and by many Web browsers. A website called converts ODS files to XLS or the XLSX format used by newer versions of Excel.