How to Perform a Hard Reset on a Canon Printer

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Like any printer brand, Canon models can jam or experience issues after significant use. To reset Canon printers, you can run a power cycle, reset the ink levels, or run a hard reset. Resetting helps resolve a stubborn Canon printer error code or another problem that is a misread between the printer and the computer. It clears the printer queue and restores the factory settings for a fresh start. Combine the reset with fresh ink cartridges if needed and make sure the hardware is in good working order.


Power Reset Canon Printer

Before jumping to a hard reset, start with the power reset to clear any temporary communication issues. Unplug the printer from power and remove the Ethernet cord to disconnect the printer completely. Wait for a minute and plug the printer into a wall power outlet to eliminate a problematic power strip as an operating issue. Return the Ethernet cable as well and run a test document through the printer to see if your problem is resolved. In many cases, a power reset fixes your printer. Also, clear the printer queue to allow for a fresh start. Print one document at a time to avoid overloading the queue and the printer.


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Ink-Level Reset

A common issue with printers occurs when the ink level shows an incorrect reading or you replace the dry ink cartridges and the printer does not update the levels. This interrupts printing because the printer assumes not enough ink is present to process the job. The ink level should automatically update, but it may fail to do so occasionally. A manual ink-level reset is quick and easy for printers that are not updating their ink levels. Access the screen on your printer and locate the "Stop/Reset" option. Some models have a "Resume" option instead of the "Stop/Reset." Press and hold the button for several seconds to force the printer to continue despite the ink-level read error.



If the problem is persistent, a hard reset may function as a more permanent correction.

Hard Reset

A persistent Canon printer error calls for a hard reset. The process is easy, and it returns the printer to the factory default settings. Locate the "Stop" button and hold it down until the printer alarm sequence begins. Release the button after the alarm flashes 19 times to restore the factory default settings. It also erases any custom network settings. Uninstall the printer from your computer network and reinstall for a fresh start. It acts as a newly installed printer with the original settings.




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