How to Ping a Cell Phone

By Lacey Roop

Pinging a cell phone means locating the tower origin of the last signal the phone received. It is a very useful tool for rescue workers who use the technology to locate your position if you are in an accident or need medical attention. Pinging a phone also comes in handy if you are a parent looking to locate your child.

Step 1

Find out the phone number or serial number of the phone you want to ping.

Step 2

Gain permission to access information from a cell phone company concerning the cell phone you want to locate. Have the person who is the account holder for the phone call their cell phone company and verify that it is okay for you to access account information including pinging information.

Step 3

Call the cell phone provider of the phone you are trying to ping. Tell them the account you wish to access and give them the information they request, such as an address, in order to verify that you are allowed to access this information. Once cleared, the provider will be able to tell you the last tower the cell phone signalled from. This will help you narrow down the phone owner's current location.

Tips & Warnings

  • Law enforcement officials and 911 centers automatically have permission to ping cell phones. However, regular citizens will need to gain permission before cell phone companies will disclose tower information.