How to Post Links on Facebook

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Sharing a link is as easy as copying and pasting it from your browser's address bar.

Posting a link on Facebook is a great way to share content with a large number of people at once. With one click, you can spark discussion on a hot topic, share something funny with friends or simply post links to products and content that you find interesting.


Step 1

You can access your status update box from your News Feed or your personal Timeline.

Click the status update box at the top of your News Feed and type or paste the URL you want to share.


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Step 2

Most shared articles will have multiple images you can choose from.

Click the arrow icon in the corner of the image preview to select the image you want to accompany your post, if this option is available. You can also enter a message to accompany your link, select the audience with whom you'd like to share it or tag specific friends at this time.


Step 3

After your link is posted, you can edit it by clicking the downward-facing arrow in the upper right corner of the post.

Click "Post" to share the link on your Facebook Timeline.


You can also share articles directly from the publication's website if the publisher has the Facebook Share, Like or Recommend option enabled.