How to Print a Poster Using an HP All in One

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You have a picture you want to turn into a poster. You also have a HP All-In-One printer. You don't have to send or take the print to a photo developing service or shop. Your HP All-In-One printer can not only create a copy of the print, but it can also create a poster of your print on regular photo paper. All you need is plenty of paper, ink, a cutting tool and some adhesive to finish the poster project.


Step 1

Load your HP All-In-One printer with half a pack of photo paper. Hold the paper by its edges to keep any fingerprints off of the paper.

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Step 2

Open the file of the photo you want to print, using the program you normally use to print photos from.


Step 3

Click "File," then "Print" from the program's menu bar.

Step 4

Select the "HP All-In-One" printer, if it is not your default printer. Do not click the mouse -- just highlight the printer.


Step 5

Click "Properties," "Options," "Printer Setup," "Printer" or "Preferences" -- depending on the software package you have.

Step 6

Click on the "Advanced" tab.


Step 7

Select "2x2," "3x3," "4x4" or "5x5" under the "Poster Printing" drop-down list.

Note, the "2x2" selection requires four sheets of paper, "3x3" requires nine sheets of paper, "4x4" requires 16 sheets of paper and the "5x5" section requires 25 sheets of paper.



Step 8

Click "OK."

Step 9

Click "Print." Your photo will start printing.

Step 10

Carefully lay the printed pages out on a flat surface. Wear latex gloves to keep from smearing the ink on the pages.


Step 11

Let the printed pages dry for five minutes.

Step 12

Arrange the printed pages so the poster is formed. Notice which borders need to be trimmed. You don't want to trim all of the borders -- you need to leave one border on the side and one border on the top or bottom of the printed pages to glue the trimmed ones on to.


Step 13

Place a ruler on top of one of the printed pages and trim off the white border that needs to be removed. Use a cutting tool such as a sharp box cutter-like knife or other tool to remove that border.

To speed up the trimming process, use a paper cutter.


Step 14

Continue trimming off the white borders that need to be trimmed on each printed page.


Step 15

Apply glue from a glue stick or other adhesive to one of the printed page's untrimmed border.


Step 16

Carefully place the trimmed printed page that matches the other printed page on top of the glue-applied untrimmed border.

Step 17

Gently press the two pages together using a clean soft cloth.


Step 18

Repeat steps 15 through 17 for the next two printed pages you need to glue. Continue gluing and placing until all the pages are connected and the poster is complete.

Step 19

Let the poster dry completely before hanging, laminating or placing it in a frame.

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