How to Print Envelopes From Excel

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Even though Microsoft Excel is not considered a word processing software program, it is still possible to print envelopes from its' user interface. As a spreadsheet program, it is not recommended for large envelope printing jobs such as mass mailings. However, for occasional use, it could come in handy if you are already working in the program and all you need is a single envelope or just a few of them to print out. Follow the easy steps below and begin to effortlessly mail with Excel.


Step 1

Select "File" from the toolbar pull-down menu and then select "Print."

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Step 2

Select the "Envelope" option from the drop-down list.


Step 3

Select "Landscape" orientation.

Step 4

Select "Preview" and then select "Close."

Step 5

Type in the recipient's address on "Row 8" and in "Column F."


Step 6

Type in your return address in "Row 1" and "Column A."

Step 7

Insert an envelope into the printer.

Step 8

Select "File" from the toolbar pull-down menu and then select "Print."


Always do a "Print Preview" prior to printing. This may save you time and will help reserve your inventory of envelopes.


You may have to adjust the printer, so try a few "fake envelopes" (copy paper that is cut out to resemble envelope dimensions) test runs to ensure that the envelope will align correctly before going "live" and running with it.