How to Print in Black & White in MS Word

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Set your printer to use only the black cartridge to ensure a black-and-white result.

Setting the font type color in a Microsoft Office Word document to black will ensure that the document prints the text in black. However, if there are images, graphics or photographs within the document, they will more than likely print in color or hued colors similar to black. To ensure that the entire document prints solely in black ink, you must set the color settings on your individual printer to black-and-white before printing.


Step 1

Click "File" and then "Print." To open the print dialogue box using keyboard commands, press "CTRL" and "P" simultaneously.

Step 2

Select the printer you are using from the drop-down menu in the middle pane under "Printer."


Step 3

Click the "Printer Properties" link under the drop-down menu. The dialogue box that appears is different for all users, as it depends on the type of printer being used.

Step 4

Click on a tab, button or selection box indicating "Color" or "Advanced." Most options include high-quality color, grayscale and black cartridge only. Choosing grayscale will print the document using various shades of gray and other tones such as blue or green that match the actual hues in the document visible on the screen. A photo or picture that may look black or gray could actually have blue undertones. To print purely in black and white with no undertones, you must select either "black cartridge" or "black and white only."


Step 5

Select "OK" to return to the Microsoft Word printer dialogue box. Press the "Print" button to print the black-and-white document.