How to Email Documents From WordPad

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Windows has added many enhancements to old accessory programs including Paint and WordPad, its free document editor. You can now send documents via email directly from within WordPad. This will save you time since you no longer have to manually open your email client, locate the file on your computer and then attach it to a new message. WordPad can attach any file so long as it supports that format.


Step 1

Open WordPad by clicking "Start" > "All Programs" > "Accessories" > "WordPad."

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Step 2

Click the blue rectangle in the top left corner of the WordPad window. Click "Open" and select the document you want to send via email. Click "Open."


Step 3

Click the blue button again and click "Send in e-mail." WordPad will connect to your default email client and attach the document to a new email message.


Step 4

Compose the message as you would any other email. Type the recipient's address and enter a subject title. Send the message.



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