How to Print Photos Onto Transparency Film

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Add graphics to your presentation.

Printing a photo on transparency film is a very similar process to printing a photo on a regular piece of paper. Transparency film can be more expensive than regular paper, so, to keep your costs down, take a few extra steps when printing on transparency to avoid accidentally ruining the transparency film. Adding photos to your transparency presentation gives you visual aids to share with your audience.


Step 1

Open the program you want to print from and then load the photo you want to print on your transparency film.

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Step 2

Test the printer first by printing out the photo on a regular sheet of paper.

Step 3

Clean your printer. According to PC Magazine, use the cleaning sheet provided with your transparency film to clean the printer before you attempt to print on transparency film.

Step 4

Place a piece of transparency film into your printer. Only load one sheet of transparency film at a time. According to PC Magazine, "Because special media is often thicker than normal paper, it presents a special challenge to your printer's feeder tray." Loading one sheet at a time lowers your risk of ruining the sheet, and helps speed up the printing process.


Step 5

Print your document by selecting "File" then "Print," from the top menu of the program you selected.

Step 6

Allow time for the ink to dry on the transparency film. Since printing on transparency film involves printing ink on a slick sheet of plastic, allowing time for the ink to dry before handling the film ensures the ink will attach to the film, and your photo will not smear when you handle the film.


According to 3M, carefully selecting the best transparency film for your printer will increase your chances of successfully printing a photo on transparency film. Follow your printer's specific directions on how to print on special types of transparency film.