How to Print Pictures at Rite Aid

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Printing photos at the store can save you money.

Printing your digital photos at home can be expensive. When you figure in the cost of ink, the price of quality photo paper and the wear and tear on your printer, you could be spending a lot more to print your photos than is necessary. Photo kiosks like those found in Rite Aid stores make it easy for photographers to print their favorite photos, make enlargements and transform their favorite shots into mugs, t-shirts, blankets and other items.


Step 1

Go to the Rite Aid Store Locator site (See Reference 1) and enter your address. Use the tool to find your closest Rite Aid store.

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Step 2

Take your flash drive, memory card, CD or other storage device to the store with you. Go to the photo center and locate one of the photo kiosks.


Step 3

Insert your media into the photo kiosk and select the pictures you want to print. Choose the types of prints and enlargements you want to print. You can print standard prints, enlargements and collage prints at the kiosk. You can also order mugs, t-shirts and other items made with the photograph of your choice. Keep in mind that it takes longer, generally a week or more, to receive these special orders. If you prefer, you can have those mugs, t-shirts and other items delivered to your home instead of returning to your local Rite Aid store.



Step 4

Verify the contents of your order and choose the type of processing you want, i.e. immediate printing, 1-hour service or next-day service. Print your confirmation slip, take it to the cashier and pay for your photos. Don't forget to remove your digital media from the kiosk before you leave.




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