How to Program a Direct TV Remote for a Television

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Your Direct TV remote will control the satellite box and allow you to cycle through Direct TV channels. This same remote can also be used to control the volume and other settings on your television set. Using the Direct TV remote to control your television will prevent you from needing to use multiple remote controls for the two devices. The Direct TV remote will first need to be programmed to the television set before you can start using the remote.


Step 1

Turn on the television.

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Step 2

Point the Direct TV remote directly at the television.


Step 3

Set the slide switch at the top of the Direct TV remote to "TV."

Step 4

Press and hold down the "Select" and "Mute" buttons on the remote until the light located underneath the "TV" icon on the remote flashes twice. When this happens, release both keys.


Step 5

Enter the five-digit code for the brand of television you will be using with the Direct TV remote. The TV codes are located in the Direct TV user manual. The green light underneath the "TV" icon should flash twice once again.


Step 6

Press "Power" on the Direct TV remote while pointing the remote at the TV. The television should turn off. If it doesn't, repeat steps four and five and try a different code for your TV's brand until you find the correct one for your particular TV set.